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Saturday, 7 June 2014


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I create books about other architects work Its to reflect on myself
In the beginning that was  Arts and Craft in Sweden rationalists from Italia  throu Heidegger Derrida and Wittgenstein with its own time to own experiences in the 2000 . Almost every architectural project starts from base forms the cube the sphere etc. Even thou computing with polygons in my preferable software MAYA.  Always problematiseed from an painters  poit of view and the intuition of color and colorsystem från Gothe and own experience with own systems



I try to develop my own thougts and methods of thinking
To develop the society force it forward. To put the light in minorities throu the net and give voises to marginalisesed groups I thing the globalisation gives many people great starts to new lifes weather you move to a new country or just reflect on a different culture Think absolutelty we should build colonies in mew parts of universe to give us on the Eart our mentality and thouts a wider space.

Lowpower is the growing force that gives new groups in our society new possibiities For ex as an architect/developer I use my power to develop equal rooms in differerent ways, economic gender culture etc
To work fot the great mass instead of some exclusive opporunities

As in Art the architect has his own voice body and mind to express The process to project the visions are just the tool th express with But at the same time different tools gives different opportuniteies and manifestation
I add a language to the built to create possibilities to move the architecture forward, poetry inner pictitores ,memories, philosophy, art, science, tecnic etc


The artist process can be direct translated to the work of an architect is to prefer that the result is art with a symbolic content

Media dupe us with twodimensionella images Has an enorm impact and can as internet be used as  masspropagande for different groups. But also for speartime But there are also culturalel poetic pedagogic use that can be explored in the future
Its the memory that gives us the reason to create sites. Not obviously sites with built houses in material with its form and history and as an architect try to coop with that when you do your own proposal  I think the site is more influenced by our own experience in life and how for ex how our senses has reflective them. Site can also be when you measure out an area and own it
. #
Its about female proportions etc in the grammar of architecture Of course in history the
men`s body and mind has been the issue My study is based on observations on my own body and mind and space and time To me art and architecture connect more and more inside the human as archetypes I problematize the study with paintings, acryl on canvas in my art and my study

For example you can measure the room with your senses You can feel the wall when you stand close to itIt talks to our senses, probably with material energy that is moving You can almost hear the sound of the wall More obviously appearance has for example a smell that can show you how to walk in theroom etc Itcan give you a scheme how to move and then you also can make people move in a specific way with a smell in the room - then it’s an method that can be developed by architects planning in spaceThere is the wall and there is also the metaphor of the wall Two alike and different things In reality youcan move in the room with your body and in your mind you can move with the metaphors in differentway The metaphor has its own language and can appear in a semiotic way It’s with the metaphor oursenses and feelings mind and brain connects and effects with the wall It’s a division of the thought-feelingaction-intelligence
This can turn in to a method with which we can learn and transform in space and time
It is closely connected to our bodies today Not necessary in a holistic view which is more something youmove forward to So you can create with metaphors many different rooms in your mind Every room canhave a different appearance and play a different role Then you also can find what is rare, and there is where my interest are, by a excluding process

This is how I transformed the classic grammar into my female point of view Of course you have to knowthe rules first to change the what’s in it

A balance with men’s appearance in architecture and science etc, in the built society and materia etc, froma woman’s point of view
 we will create empty rooms in the future if we don’t develop our symbolic universe
Architects definitely should look behind the curtain as art more sponatanies do You don’t now yourself until you now your alter ego

What is impossible and rare is to explore

Agneta Eriksson Hildén 2013-05-20                     ...

Monday, 19 May 2014

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Sunday, 19 January 2014

 Architectural work, artworks, books has been awarded and merited internationally over the years

 Selected examples

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Wednesday, 15 January 2014


A photo and a drawing – French bagatelles 

I will now focus on places in the memory that gives us the reason to create sites. Not obviously sites with built houses in material with its form and history and as an architect try to coop with that when you do your own proposal in architecture I think the site is more influenced by our own experience in life and how for ex how our senses has reflective them.
It’s a site in the memory I lived on 6ème étage in Paris seventh arrondissementTogether with other foreigners in Paris near Place Blanche A big family from a French colony were a child was born in when I lived there and the proud father sat in the telephone all the time I think that was his only space he had in this little room Lucie who had been a prostituted under to world war could speak many languages, She have a picture of a soldier on her wall. I ask who he was and she said it was her husband The French houslord was married to a 40 year younger American baletdancer that had travel all over the world with her dancecompany She had the so called Cat room up o 6ème étage a room with a bed and a table and lots lots of pictures on cats. And lots of other lovely people. I still have a suitcase there in the cellar. My room was the only room that had to Cockroaches It was here I started my transformation 

Only 100 meter from this house on Rue the Bruxelles it was a little park I passed it every day It was almost no one sitting there Maybe there was a sofa The vegetation was surrounded with an fence It had a shadow over it The wind stood still there I always had a quick look at it

Last week when I was reading Walter Benjamin Walter Benjamin planned many journeys with his friends but he always cancelled them just before he was go
 I saw a dusty pictures of a park and a road and suddenly I recognise that it was the same park at my road in Paris Walter Benjamin had seen it. I was amazed the Park at its site cant be dead or sleeping it must be something with it

Absolutely in the history our senses had about the same experience but in different times 

Somehow he also lived far away from the bookstores in Marais.

I think that the artist is absolutelt unsecure maybe scepticIt’s a big problem for him to be a part of a social life He can ve ignorant paranoid to sensitive etc 

But the picture in the book made me believe in my senses he couldn’t cheat on me with this observation of a park I believed in what I saw We had probably over some time the same picture in our memory

I couldn’t hesitate the pictures about gallerias in Paris in the same book This well known architecture that made a great impact on me

When I come home from Paris I was sitting in an architectural office in Old Town in Stockholm The head of the office bent over me at my table and said very fast -Can you do some sketches for a galleria in Stockholm Its going to look a little as Old Town. - I return to you tomorrow.

I did these sketches very fast:

Paris cafés restaurants shops was strong in my memory It was a lively and a live culture Old town seems to me a bit picturesque I wondered would a modern galleria look like some old places Maybe not. The office was famous because they produces what was called pastiches.

The day after the head of the office, the businessman, came to me He showed me that he was disappointed and told me that he was going to do his sketches himself. Now its built and I leave you to your pictures inside about the place, Sturegallerian.

Later I have to have out with my chef by recommend him some books that was my point of view I never know if he understood

I will 29 years later put it on a another site my website and the virtual world seems banal compared to humans inner life and its sites

I stay with this, leave any analyses to the reader and for a discussion I like the reader to do that himself this time with the pictures and storys behind and leave you alone with my 2 bagatelles.

Agneta Eriksson Hildén